Digital Porcelain Tiles (GVT-PGVT)

Beautify your interior space with elegant material

A timeless design that brings you from dream to the real world that how its blend and reflects its characteristic style and finishing natural tone. With Digital Porcelain made by Ankara let your interior space to reflect every detail of design.

GVT-PGVT 300x600 Glossy

GVT-PGVT 300x600 Matt

GVT-PGVT 600x600

GVT-PGVT 600x1200 Glossy

GVT-PGVT 600x1200 Hi Glossy

GVT-PGVT 600x1200 Satin

GVT-PGVT 800x800 Glossy

GVT-PGVT 800x800 HI Glossy

GVT-PGVT 800x800 Rustic

GVT-PGVT 200x1200